A sustainable IT-environment
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Our primary purpose is to move customers’ data to the cloud, which opens up new ways of working that save the company both time and money. You can read more about our commitment and actions below.

A sustainable IT-environment

Our primary purpose is to move customers’ data to the cloud, opening up new ways of working that save the company both time and money. It also gives employees the ability to work location-independently, regardless of the tools they use. Working in the cloud also means working more innovatively as the IT environment becomes more secure, modern and cost-effective.

Security and storage

Our tools under the Microsoft Services portfolio place a strong focus on ensuring that IT users work in a secure IT environment. Tools such as password management, two-step verification and backup help to create a more professional and sustainable IT environment.

Modern Technology

Today’s IT is constantly and rapidly evolving, which is why we at Norteam place great importance on keeping up with developments in order to constantly improve our offerings.

To ensure that our employees and customers use both modern and sustainable IT products, we make most of our purchases from Dustin. Dustin has received numerous awards for its sustainability work and operates a responsible sustainability policy. Read more about their sustainability work here.

Cost effektive

Our goal is to provide our customers with a complete IT solution. In this way, customers save time and money and can spend more time on their business. We do the work for them. When we were given the opportunity to start delivering iManage, after a strong demand from our customers, it was a no-brainer for us. It’s just one example of the many steps we’ve taken to create long-term, satisfied customer relationships.

Microsoft datacenter in Sweden

The high energy consumption of data centres is an area that has a significant climate impact. That’s why we’re particularly proud and pleased that Microsoft has opened the doors to its Swedish data centre, which is powered by 100% renewable energy and zero waste facilities. Soon Norteam will move customers and future customers’ data to the Swedish data centre. This will primarily affect those working in Microsoft Azure and Office 365. Read more about Microsoft’s Swedish data center region here.

Microsoft Partner Pledge

WE Partner Pledge Badge transparent In 2021, Norteam signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge. Together, we will ensure that we drive issues that affect both businesses and us as citizens for a sustainable society. Read more about Microsoft’s work on sustainability with its partners here.

By signing the Microsoft Sweden Partner Pledge we are part of tech-Sweden contributing to strengthening digital skills in Sweden, supporting the ethical and responsible development of AI solutions, contributing to a diverse and inclusive workplace, and being part of the transition to a more sustainable future for Sweden. Source from Microsoft here.

A sustainable workplace

At Norteam, we are committed to a sustainable and healthy workforce. As an employee at Norteam, you are encouraged to develop personally through, for example, training and the opportunity to grow within the company. We also attach great importance to all employees feeling good and having fun in the workplace. That’s why, among other things, we have built our own gym and social space with various activities in the office. At Norteam, we celebrate successes together and often come up with social activities outside the office that include activity-filled conferences. An engaged and healthy workforce rubs off on clients.

The office

Norteam is located in Ericsson’s old premises, the Instrument Factory, dating from 1940, which has been preserved and refurbished. The building is owned by Svenska Hus, which is continuously working to improve the energy efficiency of its premises in order to reduce the environmental impact. Read more about their sustainability work here. At Norteam’s offices, we sort our waste and make sure our waste is beting sorted and recycled.

“The culture at Norteam is something we put a lot of emphasis on. Today we are an inclusive workplace where we strive for an equal environment. For us it is important to respect each other and mix different profiles to create the best possible team”

Martin Norström_Norteam
- Martin Norström, CEO at Norteam.

Tips from us to you: future-proof your IT environment

For those of you planning to find an external IT partner or switch, it can be useful to plan and set a clear strategy on how you want to work with your IT today but more importantly to look at future plans. Will you be growing rapidly? Will you need to implement new tools in a few years? To have a sustainable IT environment, choose an IT provider that you can grow with. At Norteam, we can recommend the best solutions for you today with a sustainable future in mind. Contact us and we’ll tell you more.