Happy co-workers are the key to good businesses. At Norteam, we aim high and like to work towards clear goals. We put a lot of effort into our office where we work, compete and have fun. The goal is to meet the development needs of all employees and to clarify both responsibilities and authority. Increased profitability for Norteam will be reflected
in all salary envelopes.

Martin Norström

Meet some of our Norteamers

The best thing about my job is the close dialogue we have between the different departments. We work closely together to achieve the best possible results for our customers. A big plus is also working out with colleagues at lunch in Norteam’s own gym!


The most enjoyable part of my job is definitely all the wonderful people I have around me, both customers, suppliers and my colleagues. Also love the industry we work in, which is constantly evolving and forces you to constantly look ahead.

david norteam
The best thing about working at Norteam is the work environment and the communication with the colleagues. You feel like part of a big family.

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Job Vacancies

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