Azure Virtual Desktop

What is Azure Virtual Desktop?

Experience the latest generation of remote desktops with Azure Virtual Desktop. The Azure-based solution is the only one fully optimized for Windows 10/11 and Microsoft 365. With a built-in intelligent security, you can work remotely by connecting to the environment of your enterprise. A complete virtual experience, regardless of the type of device the user is sitting on.

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What is the benefit of Azure Virtual Desktop?

Virtual Desktop is accessible, user-friendly, secure and scalable. Whether you use a tablet, mobile or browser, you have access to all your business data. Let your employees work anytime, anywhere!


“This is Microsoft’s “latest” remote desktop – a modern service that brings together the power of Microsoft 365 and Windows 10/11 all-in-one in the cloud. We deliver the service to companies with server-based applications that are looking for a better alternative to a traditional remote desktop. We dare to promise better “flow” and less interruptions to your digital working enviroment.”

- Martin. CEO