Infrastructure Azure

What is Microsoft Azure?

The Microsoft Azure service is a cloud-based platform where companies can store data and install applications. Azure is both flexible and secure; Microsoft invests around a billion dollars every year to protect its customers’ data.

Microsoft Azure
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What are the benefits of Microsoft Azure?

Azure is infinitely scalable and can therefore meet different types of needs. The cloud-based platform is accessible regardless of geographic location or device.
With high reliability and dependability, Azure enables you to streamline and grow your business.


“Microsoft Azure is infinitely scalable to fit the needs of different companies. At Norteam, we believe in modern solutions with cloud-based architecture and with the hyper-fast pace of development in IT today, we like to take on new challenges. Want to take the next step with us? We are experts in modern technologies and focus on both security and scalability.”

- Kim. Norteam Tech