IT Security

What is IT Security?

Today, every business needs modern protection consisting of AI and automation. By managing and protecting identities on a universal platform, and working with integrated and automated security, sensitive data can be protected no matter where it resides or where it is sent. With Azure Security Center, we can track and evaluate AI-compiled data to secure our customers’ information.

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What is the benefit of
IT Security?

By using cloud-based machine learning algorithms, we can detect unusual and potentially dangerous activities. By ensuring the right users have access to the right resources and using strong authentication, we can reduce the risk of security breaches.


“With Azure Security Center, we can evaluate the security status of our servers, storages, databases and workloads. Both in Azure and on-premises. By tracking AI-compiled information, we work proactively to secure our customers’ data.”

- Jon. Norteam Tech
Jon Eriksmo