What is Meetio?

Meetio is a product that digitises meeting room bookings in the office. For workplaces that practice flexible working with undefined desks, it also provides a digital overview of which seats are currently available.
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What are the benefits of Meetio?

With Meetio, meeting room bookings at the workplace are streamlined. Unnecessary time spent looking for meeting rooms is drastically reduced and it is also possible to obtain statistics on rooms that are rarely used, which can be used to optimise the office areas. Bookings are made regardless of location and device, and the risk of interrupted meetings or stolen meeting rooms is minimised.


“With the help of Norteam, we managed to digitise the way we book meeting rooms, so we can easily hold physical or digital meetings. The rooms are booked at the same time as the participants are invited, so we don’t need any extra steps or additional applications. You can quickly find an available room for a drop-in meeting using an overview screen that presents the office’s current booking status for all meeting rooms.”

- Ali. Client
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