Microsoft Teams

What is video conferencing?

Digital meetings are now a matter of course. Using powerful solutions such as Microsoft Teams, we offer video conferencing services that work on phones, tablets, computers and browsers. Fully integrated systems simplify setup and provide a positive user experience. We offer two different packages; basic or premium, and are happy to help you choose.
Microsoft Teams
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What are the benefits of video conferencing?

Videoconferencing makes meetings efficient and flexible. Save time, money and the environment with a solution that proves digital meetings can match the quality of physical meetings. The technology is user-friendly and allows users to manage their meetings easily and efficiently.


“With this agile solution, we can quickly get our meetings up and running. A simple push of a button and the meeting is started. In 2020 and Covid-19, a smooth video solution has been a necessity for effective customer contact. This demonstrates how important technology is to us today.”

- Alexander. Norteam Sales