Presentation tools

What is a presentation tool?

Our presentation tool is a cloud-based service for sharing digital information. Share documents, information or news quickly, easily and efficiently. Update in real-time or scheduled with central control.
Presentation tools
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What is the benefit of a Presentation Tool?

Disseminating information within an organisation is not always easy; especially if you are a company spread over several locations with several offices. With this service, you can effectively control the entire flow of information to your employees, whether you work in the office or from home. Integrate your intranet, social media or CRM system directly with the system to easily tailor the desired information flows.


“A challenge for companies with multiple offices is to reach all employees with relevant information in an efficient way. Through digital information screens, we can easily disseminate the information so that employees quickly absorb the message and feel up to date on what’s happening in the business.”

- Mattias. Client
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