More efficient communication with telephony that integrates with Microsoft programs

November 9, 2022

With the help of Norteam’s partner, Telavox, we can offer cloud-based and modern telephony that integrates with Microsoft’s (and many more) programs. In this way, you as a user can collaborate more easily in your organization and simplify external communication. Choose between our telephony packages here and read more about the telephony integrations with Microsoft programs.


Microsoft Teams

Those of you who work in Microsoft Teams know that the platform is used throughout the working day, from chat messages to meeting planning. It’s a place for all the tools and systems your organization needs on a daily basis. Considering how much it is used, it is important that you get the most out of the platform. One of the best ways to do that is to integrate with our telephony solution. Synchronized availability, answering calls and controlling how calls are to be handled directly in Teams are just a few examples of how the collaboration between telephony and Teams works.

Dynamics 365

By integrating telephony with your CRM system in Dynamics 365, you can easily and quickly retrieve contact information for incoming and outgoing calls. You can also make, transfer or receive calls directly from Dynamics. It’s a simple way to improve the customer experience and provide a personal service to your customers.

Azure Active Directory

By integrating telephony with Azure AD, automatic updates take place such as when a colleague changes title or a new employee is activated. Avoid doing double work and streamline administration work.

Power BI

With the help of Power BI, you can easily and beautifully share important business insights that drive results through graphs, charts, lists and more. Together with a simple integration to your telephony, you can get all the statistics and analyzes about your exchange or business in Power BI.

As a customer of ours at Norteam, you get fast and professional support from our staff who are trained in telephony and Microsoft. We can therefore guarantee expert help with broad knowledge to our customers. Here you can see our telephony packages and choose from a complete telephony with exchange, subscription and/or integrations with Microsoft products. Regardless of which package you choose, we guarantee a modern and cloud-based telephony solution that makes it smoother, safer and more flexible for you to use. Contact us here, we will help you find a solution that suits you.

Our telephony integrates with more programs such as BankID, Eniro and Salesforce. See more programs here.

Greetings, The Team at Norteam