Norteam gets increased customer satisfaction in the IT support

October 24, 2022

With Norteam’s rapid growth, IT support has doubled in a short time. 2022 has so far been a record year for Norteam IT support which has achieved 100% customer satisfaction for several months. Someone who is extra happy about the increase is our Team Lead & Senior Tech Advisor, Viktor! We asked him 3 quick questions about the support-team.

How do you create a good IT-support?

The most important thing is to have a really knowledgeable and service minded staff. This is created through a professional team spirit where everyone helps everyone! Externally, it is important to respond and feedback quickly to customers and to try to exceed their expectations.


How do you create a support team that gets 100% customer satisfaction?

We have succeeded in hiring and becoming a team with broad competence and expertise where everyone has a common drive to solve problems. The entire team sits at the same department in the office so that we can easily help each other when new cases arise. Then we always make sure to have fun while we work! We often come up with activities together, both with the support-team and with the rest of the colleagues. We usually have internal competitions that gives the team a little extra pep. In addition, Norteam has enabled our employees to grow within the team in new roles, which I also believe contributes to a more prosperous workforce.


Why should companies outsource their IT support?

We have noticed that many of our customers (who have recently outsourced their IT) are grateful to receive help quickly and efficiently. In an internal IT department, you usually don’t have as many people in the support team and therefore they are not as accessible. By outsourcing, you also get the expertise and competence of an entire company where everyone does their utmost to make customers happy. Last, but perhaps most important, is that customers should be able to focus 100% on their business and let us solve all IT problems.


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Greetings, The Team at Norteam