Cloud exchange with Teams

What is a Cloud exhange
with TEAMS?

A cloud switch with TEAMS is just what it sounds like – we integrate Microsoft TEAMS with a cloud-based switching platform. Through the application, you can then manage telephony along with video and other communications. Video, telephony and chat – all-in-one Microsoft TEAMS.
cloud exchange with Teams
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What is the benefit of a Cloud exchange with TEAMS?

You can easily add the telephony service to your “digital workplace” with this service. With the switchboard integrated in Microsoft TEAMS, you can gather all your communications in one place. Minimize the number of workspaces with the ability to video call, chat, call or share documents directly in TEAMS.


“Previously we had separate video, telephony and communications platforms. A cloud switch with TEAMS integration allowed us to go from multiple systems to one. Now we have telephony, video and communications – all-in-one in Microsoft TEAMS.”

- Anders. Client