Contact center

What is a Contact Center

A contact center handles inbound and outbound communications. Email, chat, telephony or social platforms are all examples of communication channels that a Contact Center can easily handle. This works for both smaller and larger companies.
Contact center
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What are the benefits of Contact Center?

Simple and efficient processes lead to higher productivity and more satisfied customers. You avoid the hassle, and can focus on growing your business. By using a comprehensive Contact Center solution, you can consolidate all communication into one channel to provide your customers with the best possible support. Create metrics and evaluate them easily in a common web interface.


“We are a global company with over 60,000 employees and a large part of our sales and order taking is done over the phone. A modern Contact Center is a necessity to run a profitable business. Norteam currently provides us with a complete platform where our agents can seamlessly handle all incoming calls.”

- Roni. Client