Mobile subscription

What is mobile subscription?

A mobile subscription can be packaged in different ways and should allow you to communicate with the world around you. In our packaging, we focus on accessibility and functionality where whether the call is made over the mobile network, the public telephone network or over the internet, the experience should be the same.
mobile subscription
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What are the benefits of a Mobile Subscription?

Through our partnership with Telavox and Microsoft, we offer our customers stable coverage no matter where you are in the world. All-in-one switching and subscriptions and access to a web interface where you can easily adjust browsing volume, switching features or analyse call data. Mobile telephony has never been easier!


“Through a web-based interface, we can easily administer all our subscriptions without hassle and without the help of the operator. With the push of a button, we can either adjust the amount of surfing or add a subscription in a smooth way. Telephony has probably never been this easy!”

- Annelie. Client