Today we welcome Albin and Anton to Norteam

October 25, 2021

We continue to grow and strengthen with a new sales person and a new IT support person. Get to know our new colleagues Albin Kessén and Anton Henriksson!

Two people in an office environment
Albin Kessén and Anton Henriksson








Albin Kessén
Albin Kessén strengthens 1st Line Support and comes most recently from H&M. In addition to having a strong interest in IT, Albin enjoys gaming, football and frisbee golf. He is also looking forward to using Norteam’s own gym as he enjoys working out in his spare time.

Anton Henriksson
Norteam’s new sales representative, Anton Henriksson, comes most recently from ITS Nordic where he worked in sales for 3 years. Before that he lived in Oslo for 4 years where he worked as Team Sales Manager. In addition to his interest in technology, Anton enjoys reading about history, most recently the Roman Empire, and sports, with padel and tennis at the top of his list.
-I look forward to being part of Norteam’s strong growth journey! The company is at the forefront, which makes it extra fun to find good IT solutions for companies, says Anton.

Welcome to Norteam!

Greetings, The Team at Norteam