Norteam enters into partnership with NetDocuments


Norteam is intensifying its commitment to information security by joining the NetDocuments partner program to offer a comprehensive platform for secure document and email management for professionals in law, auditing, and finance.

Norteam is intensifying its commitment to information security by joining the NetDocuments partner program to offer a comprehensive platform for secure document and email management for professionals in law, auditing, and finance.

Norteam is one of the leading IT providers in Stockholm with expertise in Microsoft's cloud services, offering comprehensive support for digital transformation, infrastructure, and IT support for businesses. Norteam's primary purpose is to migrate operations to the cloud, which opens up new ways of working and the possibility to work location-independently, which also saves the company both time and money.

As the next step in product development, Norteam has intensified its commitment to information security. By joining the NetDocuments partner program, Norteam can offer a comprehensive platform for document and email management to professionals within law, auditing, and finance, with the highest level of information security. Moreover, the partnership brings additional benefits for NetDocuments' customers in Sweden, who can now receive support in the platform in Swedish.

Netdocuments – #1 cloud platform for document management and information security

NetDocuments is the most reliable cloud-based platform for document management and productivity that streamlines work for professionals dealing with sensitive information. With over 20 years of experience in cloud-based innovation and award-winning expertise in security and research, NetDocuments offers a comprehensive platform for organizing and managing documents and emails.

We are very enthusiastic about the collaboration with NetDocuments which gives us the opportunity to deliver a groundbreaking platform to the legal market. Our decision to collaborate with NetDocuments was based on our shared passion for innovative cloud technology and our commitment to ensuring that our customers achieve operational excellence. The combination of our expertise in advanced IT and NetDocuments' cloud platform allows us to offer the market a comprehensive, seamless, and efficient experience in email and document management. The partnership helps our customers work more efficiently and deliver superior service to their clients.
Martin NorströmCEO of Norteam

Now, lawyers and attorneys in the Swedish market can benefit from Norteams dedicated team of IT experts together with the NetDocuments platform to enhance document collaboration, automate manual processes, and maximize the value of their technology investments.

The inclusion of Norteam in the NetDocuments partner program adds tremendous value to their customers. The collaboration is a clear proof of our commitment to delivering innovative solutions that enable legal professionals to work smarter and more efficiently.
Reza ParsiaDeputy CEO for Strategic Partner Management at NetDocuments, emphasized the importance of the partnership

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Webinar – Netdocuments now offers support in Swedish together with Norteam!

Join our exciting webinar where we will introduce the new collaboration between Norteam and NetDocuments. During this webinar, we will introduce Norteam and talk more about the partnership and its significance. We will also highlight the many benefits that NetDocuments customers can expect from this integration, including increased productivity and collaboration. An additional advantage is that NetDocuments customers will now be able to receive technical support within the platform, which has been long-awaited and makes using the platform easier.

For those who want more concrete information about the practical benefits that the partnership can provide, we will share examples of how our clients Cirio and Foyen have utilized the collaboration to streamline document management and achieve increased productivity.

Finally, we will highlight the strategic objectives and long-term benefits that can be accessed, as well as how the collaboration aims to promote innovation and facilitate growth for the legal industry.

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