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Microsoft 365 Copilot Security

Introducing AI into the company's daily workflows is a step forward in the digital transformation. Microsoft Copilot, as an integrated part of Microsoft 365, offers exciting opportunities but also raises questions about data security and privacy. Below we explore various security aspects of Microsoft Copilot, focusing on what organizations should consider when contemplating integrating this technology into their operations.

Microsoft 365 Copilot: Your AI assistant in Office applications

Microsoft Copilot represents new ways to achieve work productivity by enabling users to interact with their data in new, efficient ways. By connecting Large Language Models (LLM) with the organization's data through Microsoft Graph, Copilot offers tailored, contextual responses based on a variety of information sources – from emails and documents to chats and meeting notes.

Data Privacy: A Core Priority

An important aspect to emphasize is Microsoft's commitment to data privacy and security. All data that interacts with Copilot remains within the boundaries of Microsoft 365 services, in line with the company's privacy commitments. It is worth noting that data used through Copilot does not contribute to the training of the underlying LLMs, providing an additional level of security.

Permission Models: The Key to Data Security

To protect sensitive information, it is crucial to correctly use Microsoft 365's permission models. This ensures that only authorized users have access to relevant data. Copilot is designed to only display data for which the user has at least viewing rights, reducing the risk of accidental data leakage.

Cross-Border Data Flow and the EU Data Boundary

Copilot manages data on a regional basis, with special considerations for EU users to maintain data within the EU data boundary. This demonstrates Microsoft's adaptability to local data protection laws and their commitment to offering global services that respect regional requirements.

Improvements Through User Feedback

Microsoft values user feedback and uses it to improve Copilot, however, without compromising the integrity of the underlying LLM. This is part of Microsoft's broader commitment to continuous improvement based on user insights.

Surveillance and Control

Through tools such as content search and Microsoft Purview, administrators can effectively manage and monitor interactions with Copilot, ensuring data security and compliance with corporate policies.

Final words

When organizations consider implementing AI technologies like Microsoft Copilot in their daily operations, it is crucial to have a deep understanding of how these tools handle data and maintain security and privacy. With Microsoft's commitment to data protection and innovative solutions, companies can confidently navigate the AI landscape, ensure data security, and at the same time unleash the full potential of their digital workplaces.